Ways and Sardine Streets, Terminal Island, California 1988
(Buildings demolished)

Vincent Thomas Bridge from Ferry Street, Terminal Island, California 1988
(Road closed, current Caltrans yard)

Todd Shipyards, Regan Street, San Pedro, California 1990
(Buildings demolished, now Berth 100-West Basin Container Terminal)

Catalina Terminal, San Pedro, California 1989
(Terminal relocated/rebuilt)

Cabrillo Beach from W. 40th Street, San Pedro, California 1990

Unocal Refinery at sunrise, Wilmington, California 1989

Dry dock from Shields Drive, Southwest Slip, San Pedro, California 1989
(Basin filled, current site of West Basin Container Terminal-China Shipping)

View of Vincent Thomas Bridge from Gaffey Place, San Pedro 1989

Exxon Yorktown, Port of Los Angeles, California 1989
(Sold in 1989 as "Overseas New Orleans," decommissioned or lost)

Bolivar, San Pedro, California 1989

Marina, Wilmington, California 1989

Commercial fishermen, San Pedro Slip, California 1989

Wilmington clock tower from Berth 153, Wilmington, California 1989
(Currently inaccessible to the public)

Breakwater, Los Angeles Harbor from W. 40th Street, San Pedro, California 1989

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