I am a photographer based in California.
Moving to the West Coast from New England in the late 1970s, my first experience of the desert was on the cross-country road trip. Breaking down in Nevada on a sweltering morning during a glorious sunrise I was captivated, awed, terrified, and enamored for life.
I have quietly photographed the places, people and flora of the Mojave Desert for many years, eventually moving to a scruffy little town on the outskirts of Death Valley, where I have lived part time for over 20 years.
The desert landscape for me is about metaphor. I strive to document the compelling interplay and interconnectedness between the human and the natural, exploring the contrast between the vastness of the landscape, how people live here, and the ingenious, often ironic yet poignant structures they place on it.
Desert projects include Darwin, Gateway, Mines of the Darwin Quadrangle, There Yet and Flora.
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